Whether you witnessed a traffic accident or your favorite singer in the convertible in front of you, cameras continue to prove their worth in securing digital footage of the unfortunate and the unbelievable. The folks at Kia of Laurel want to you be aware of the many benefits of installing a dash camera in your vehicle.

Millions of accidents occur every year, and disputes regarding whose to blame often follow. Having a dash cam puts these arguments to rest. Accidents are not limited to cars in motion, however. Cars can be stationary and still be casualties of other people's carelessness or inattention.

If you've not had an opportunity to speak with Kia of Laurel, come on in to learn more about the best dash camera for your car. While there, get a jump on National Car Care month by allowing Kia of Laurel's certified mechanics to service your vehicle to ensure your continued safe driving all year long.


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