Caring for your car in the spring is important. This is the best time to undo the damages and increased wear caused by harsh winter storms, exposure to road salt, and ongoing use. It is also time to begin gearing up for the heat-related demands of summer. At Kia of Laurel, we're excited to help Laurel drivers make the most of their springtime auto maintenance.

Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner Now

If your car's air conditioner isn't functioning at peak levels, have it checked out. Not only will this ensure optimum performance when outside temperatures actually rise, but it will also spare you the high costs of more serious AC issues. Don't wait until you absolutely need this system before turning it on and assessing its condition.

Have All Clamps, Belts And Hoses Checked By A Qualified Technician

?The expansion and contraction that's invariably associated with temperature change can have a major impact on the tightness and functionality of clamps, belts, and hoses among other components. Consider investing in a full tune-up for your vehicle, especially if your car hasn't had one in quite some time. For reliable automotive servicing and help with all of your springtime auto maintenance needs, drop by Kia of Laurel today.


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