What are vehicle headlights?
Your vehicle's headlights are the main set of lights at the front of your vehicle. These lights have two settings: normal and high beam.

Why are vehicle headlights so important?
Your vehicle's headlights allow you to see traffic at night and during rain, sleet, snow and foggy conditions. Your vehicle's headlights also allow you to be seen by other vehicles on the road. Finally, you are legally required to have working headlights.

How can I tell that my vehicle headlights need to be replaced?
If the glass on your headlight begins to get foggy and yellow, then it will need to be replaced. Also, it is recommended that you change your headlights every 90,000 miles.

Where to get my vehicle headlights replaced?
?At Kia of Laurel, we offer quick headlight replacement service at competitive prices. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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