How to Reduce Distracted Driving

It’s important to reduce distracted driving. Everywhere you look, drivers are distracted by one thing or another. At Kia of Laurel, we have a few tips to prevent distractions.

Limit the amount of technology that you have access to. If there’s a smartphone or tablet, keep it in a bag or on the backseat. You should only be using technology in an emergency situation. Hands-free devices can cause you to miss important audio and visual cues. Many jurisdictions are limiting cell phone usage, so it’s best to get rid of those distractions now.

You should also limit other distractions. Consider limiting the number of passengers. If you have too many friends (or kids) in the car, you may get lost in conversation with them. Also, create a ‘no food’ rule in the car so you won’t get distracted with a drink up to your mouth or a burger in your hand.



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