Choose Tire Cleaner Carefully for Best Results

Tire and wheel cleaning is an important task that car owners should take seriously. Dirt, grime and brake dust can all build up on your wheels, degrading their performance as well as being unsightly. However, before you start scrubbing away, pay attention to the material that you are cleaning and the specialty detergents available.

Wheels made from roughcast aluminum and chrome are able to tolerate strong detergents. However, painted, coated, or anodized wheels require a more gentle soap. Be sure to read your labels carefully. If you're not certain about your wheel's material, select an all-purpose soap that is safe for all wheels. You may also consider an all-around detergent that can clean wheels and tires at the same time. Certain gel products can really get into the depths of the grime on both and get your wheels and tires clean with a good brushing and rinsing.

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