Do You Know How to Safely Jump Start Someone's Car?

Jump starting a car is neighborly in Laurel, MS, but make sure you can do it safely. Let today's advice from Kia of Laurel assist you.

Place your front bumper about two feet from the other vehicle. Locate your jumper cables and engage both parking brakes. Turn off your car for now. Your positive jumper cable is either red or striped. Connect it first. Begin at the dead battery. With the two batteries' positive terminals connected, clamp your battery's negative terminal. Do not attach the final clamp to the dead battery. To avoid sparks, clamp it to unpainted metal near the other driver's engine block. Choose a component away from moving parts.

With all four clamps securely in place, start your car. Rev it for a minute. The other driver can now try starting their car. You may need multiple attempts. Upon several failed attempts, assume that the other car requires a different solution besides a jump start.

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