Knowledge is Power - How to Replace a Flat Tire

If you had a flat tire, would you know how to replace it with the spare tire? If no, then this information is for you! Kia of Laurel is committed to keeping everyone in our town informed with as much information as possible to stay safe.

First, you should know that replacing a flat tire is relatively easy. Before raising the vehicle, by using the jack supplied from the manufacturer, you need to loosen the lug nuts. There are five lug nuts. Using the lug nut wrench, loosen, and then remove them one by one. Then, remove the flat tire. The spare tire should fit right in its place. Then, tighten each lug nut before slowly lowering the vehicle to the ground. Once the vehicle is completely lowered, ensure the lug nuts are completely secure by using the lug wrench again. You're all done!

Be sure to contact us to have your tire replaced. We wish you safe travels!



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