Useful Information About Motor Oil Viscosity

When you bring in your vehicle for an oil change at Kia of Laurel, our service technician recommends a motor oil with a certain viscosity. Viscosity is the measurement of how much that particular motor oil can resist flow. The more viscous an oil is, the slower it will move.

Picture orange juice being poured out of a bottle, which is low viscosity, versus maple syrup, which has high viscosity. The numbers and letters you see on motor oil containers, such as 10W-30, indicate its specific viscosity rating. Low viscosity oil is preferred during cold weather when oil must flow quickly for proper engine lubrication. During hotter weather, high viscosity oil is best, helping keep metal parts lubricated and separated.

Your service technician may not recommend the same motor oil viscosity at every oil change visit. Their job is to recommend oil with viscosity that keeps your engine running well.



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