A common misconception among vehicle owners is that their "donut" tire is a replacement tire. Donut tires are temporary tires intended to get you to the mechanic for a proper replacement tire. It's not safe to drive for long on a donut tire.

Donut tires, the nickname for compact temporary tires, have a speed limitation for safety reasons. They hinder traction control, speedometer operation, and ABS. You need to be careful and highly alert while driving with the donut tire. And you should only use the compact temporary tire to get to the dealership without having to tow the vehicle.

If you want to keep a spare tire on hand that you can drive on longer, then a full-size matching spare is a good choice. You can use it as part of your vehicle's rotation pattern. Full-size unmatching spares, however, can't be used in rotation because it doesn't match the other tires.

Donut tires last the shortest amount of time among the types of spare tires. Unless you know for certain you can immediately go to a repair shop when you use a donut spare, you shouldn't buy this tire. Opt for a full-size matching spare instead. At Kia of Laurel, we offer tire replacement services if you're even in need. Remember to stay safe on the road.



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