The Importance of Keeping Your Vehicle's Timing Belt in Good Shape

Keeping your car maintained is the best way to extend its life. At Kia of Laurel, our team always tries to keep our consumers informed about ways they can keep their vehicles in tiptop condition. The timing belt is an important component that helps your engine function properly, but what does it do?

Your vehicle's timing belt turns the camshaft and crankshaft simultaneously so that each cylinder will fire at the same time, and it controls the pistons and valves inside the engine cylinders. The timing belt is usually covered to keep it protected from dirt and oil, which can make it difficult to check on your own.

If you notice the following signs, there could be a problem with your timing belt. When a timing belt is worn out, it can cause a clicking sound that comes from the engine. A worn timing belt can also cause the engine to misfire because it will affect the timed action of the pistons and valves. Be sure to get your engine inspected if you observe any of the aforementioned signs.



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