Applying Touch Up Paint

Small chips are inevitable on any automobile. These little dings can look unsightly and can lead to rust. But with a little work and some advice from us, a little touch up paint can go a long way to keep your vehicle in show room appearance.

The first step is to find the right paint for the vehicle. Simply buying blue paint from a parts store isn’t the right way, as manufacturers have innumerable shades of blue.There is an easy way to find the manufacturer’s color. It often requires little more than opening the driver side door. Manufacturers provide a code for the color used, and place the code on a sticker or plate. The code is usually found on the driver door panel, It can also be near the VIN in the windshield, on the inside of the trunk.

Once the code is found make a trip to our dealership to obtain the correct color. If you are a little uneasy about taking on the task, let our experienced technicians perform the touch up for you on a professional level.



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